Retractable doors have been balanced with torsion springs that ensure light and safe door movement. Because of these springs the door moves smoothly into its place under the ceiling. As a standard, these springs have been guaranteed 15,000 opening and closing cycles. You can make an extra order for springs that have up to 100,000 opening and closing cycles.

All retractable doors are equipped with security equipment for springs, and an additional option is to install rope stoppers to doors. Other additions that could be installed to doors are different locks, windows, passage doors, ventilation shafts, automation and other instalments.

The doors ESE offers consist of galvanised sections that are covered with steel sheet. Environmentally friendly CFC-free polyurethane foam is used for insulation and the panels are covered with weather resistant polyester colours. A ten year guarantee applies to panels.

ESE retractable doors meet all the security standards set out in the European Union – the doors are manufactured according to CE standards.