Pallets are often left unnoticed or undervalued in product handling. Pallet is an important and useful element in order to be a successful company that meets standards. ESE offers a large range of wooden pallets – there are over 100 different wooden pallets, including standard 800 x 1,200 mm or 1,000 x 1,200 mm pallets, as well as pallets for chemical industries (AP). We supply clients according to the clients’ needs by designing the pallets with specific software. This guarantees an optimal pallet construction and a good price that meet the client’s needs. We carry out heat treatment on pallets according to ISPM-15 standard (HT, IPPC, FAO). We also have antiseptic pallets SINESTO B (for medical institutions). In addition, it is possible to order pallets, pallet collars and other supplies with a company logo on them. Ask for a quote. We will fulfil our orders within two weeks (1 trailer).

We also offer plastic pallets.