Shelving systems

NEDCON – leader in the storage systems market

ESE is the authorised distributor of Europe’s most renowned manufacturer of storage systems in the Estonian market. In 2009, ESE and NEDCON entered into a cooperation agreement.

Over the years, Nedcon, which was established in 1969, has achieved the leader position in the modern storage systems market. The company’s production is manufactured in Doetinchem in the Netherlands and Pardubice, Czech Republic. Since August 2004 Nedcon is part of the Voestalpine Division Profilform Group.

Nedcon’s dedication to quality and research, product development and testing has ultimately resulted in the development of a large variety of storage system components. Many of these systems and details are patented.

Very clear structural specifications are a must for the production of any type of racks. Nedcon offers modern warehouse technology systems of the highest standards that were developed by using the newest engineering solutions and safety requirements.

Within decades of operation Nedcon has achieved the leader position in developing and standardising national and international regulations. Our standard shelving systems are equipped with a GSF certificate which is a quality mark, the issue of which is monitored by TNO-Certification, an independent technical inspection company.

By choosing the correct racking system and suitable warehouse forklifts it is possible to increase the efficiency of the use of space in the warehouse. A regular pallet rack is the most common and cheapest option for storing goods. Whoever wants to increase the number of pallets in the existing space may do that by using stationary or dynamic systems. In stationary systems goods and racks are firmly in place and goods are moved with forklifts.

Dynamic systems are compactly placed in the warehouse, without any aisles between the racks needed because the goods move around in the system to their right place. As a result the same amount of goods is shelved in an area several times smaller and it takes 80% less time to get the goods from the system. An exemplary outcome can also be achieved by using mobile racking systems.

What to keep in mind when acquiring warehouse racks?

At first glance choosing warehouse racks looks easy. Although a concept exists, many that are familiar with the topic have admitted that choosing warehouse racks is relatively difficult – there are several suppliers who offer and praise their products. In order to better navigate within the topic it is advisable to fix some starting points that the warehouse technology on offer should meet. Demand for the security of products and compatibility of components means that shelving systems must meet very clear specifications. Warehouse racks can be manufactured and put together in accordance with compatibility requirements and existing standards. Based on Estonia’s location and norms of product handling the choice is narrowed down to the selection of shelving systems suitable for the European market. Therefore, the suppliers should present the declarations of conformity along with the systems they offer. They should include the detailed description of the system, measures and physical parameters of the utilised profiles and the configuration of the component sets with a list of all provided details. It is important to understand that all provided details make a uniform shelving system, work as a uniform system, and the good qualities of a single component may not necessarily improve the capability of the whole system. Due to the availability of such documents the picture is significantly clearer and you can move on to deciding what and which provider to choose. The price and chart of the offer come secondary to assessing the suitability of physical parameters.