Archive racking

When you are furnishing archive rooms then turn to ESE for professional advice.

In this specific field ESE has partnered up with a well-known Finnish manufacturer, Metallivalmiste A. Laaksonen OY. Archive racking system Arkisto 2000 is known for its high quality in the entire Europe. The biggest project site in Estonia in 2012 and 2013 was the Estonian Literary Museum, which was furnished by ESE in cooperation with Metallivalmiste A. Laaksonen OY (20,000 running metres of shelving area).

Provisions of the Estonian Archives Act set high demands for archive rooms, which is why the price of every area unit for keeping records is relatively high. Furnishing an archive that conforms to modern requirements is a precise work, and in order to achieve maximum use of space it is necessary to use archive racking systems of high functionality. The features of a good archive rack are the option to set up shelf surfaces densely (for different systems in 20 to 30 mm intervals) and a flexible choice of shelf surfaces in different sizes. Such an option enables dense storage and ensures good use of space for documents in the archival boxes as well as folders. The use of sliding shelves gives the best outcome – 90% of the archive room is filled with the shelving system and only one aisle at the ends and between shelves is needed. In order to achieve usage convenience the shelves can be supplemented with various accessories – dividers, extractable extra surfaces, frames for hanging maps, various locking systems, electrical drives, and more. We also offer archival trolleys, stepladders and marking systems (different labels and strips). Manual scanners and label printers are excellent for managing marking systems.