Hanging garment racking

A specially adjusted method of storage is used for handling hanging garments.

The structure is simple: the length of consoles is adjustable and the system for retracting the guide rail is easy. Guide rails are either galvanised or chromed.

The system is made compatible to conveyers

Innovative solution based on NEDCON’s competence

Compatibility to automated shelving systems

High fill rate

Nedcon shelving system components can be used to create constructions for garment handling.

A hanger pole is attached to the amended perforation pattern of the column.

Special hanger pole profiles, either galvanised or chromed, are produced in Nedcon factories.

A well-thought profile of the poles ensures their strength and no deflection caused by the weight of garments. Installation is quick and easy.

The height of the cantilevers can be easily adjusted with a hook and eye fastener in 50 mm intervals.

The design of the rack enables placing hangers on the entire pole. The hanger pole can be attached with bolts or a hook and eye fastener.

In addition, we offer foldable cantilevers that enable storing short or long garments.