Mobile pallet racks

The system of mobile pallet wagons is a space-saving and reasonable solution in warehouses with moderate freight or expensive area (cold storage warehouses). The racks are mounted on mobile pallet racks and placed on rails against each other. When goods or materials require shelving or removal from the shelf, the shelving system shall be opened at the very area where access is needed.

Using this system will save up to 90% of space at best.

Each row of shelves in the mobile system is mounted on a moving base frame which has a minimum maintenance time and costs. The height of the construction’s base frame is 245 mm. The wheels and axes are made of high quality steel that is suitable for racks of large bearing capacity. The standard bearing capacity is 12 or 18 tons per wheel.

The number of engines placed on the frame ensures that even with longer shelving solutions the traction is equally distributed.

Two stopping switches have been installed on each side of the base frame. The rack stops immediately after touching the switch. Instead of mechanical switches another option is the infrared system.

Remote control

Opening an aisle with a remote control saves time. It is a practical solution in cold storage warehouses as it enables opening an aisle without exiting the forklift.

In cold storage warehouses you can use the night placement of shelves, in which case the shelves are separated from each other in order to cool down to the right temperature for the goods.

Mobile racking systems are also created for forklifts that are used in narrow aisles.

The movement of the induction-controlled forklift between sliding shelves requires additional equipment – guide rails for the wheels of the forklift. The controlling system for mobile racks is compatible with a positioning system so that the racks would be positioned correctly across the induction line covering the entire aisle length.

ESE offers electrical shelving systems, with a length of up to 50 m and a bearing capacity of up to 500 tons, that can be controlled via a remote control on the forklift or a simple button click. It takes about 35 seconds to open an aisle. But you can also choose a system that opens manually (length of the row is 10 m, bearing capacity 5 tons).