Pallet flow racks

This system is a compact storage method working on the FI-FO (first in – first out) principle. Pallets move on roller conveyors on the principle of gravity from loading to unloading. The slope is typically ~ 4%. If the pallets stored on these shelves have different weights, it is necessary to use braking rollers, combine different inclination angles or change the distance between rollers. In the special Nedcon steel rollers one transversal 12 mm axis is used instead of the normal two separate axes. ESE offers rollers of different types of steel in standard lengths of 862 mm, 1062 mm and 1262 mm, that have a bearing capacity of up to 240 kg. NEDCON’s standard solutions are also suitable in cold storage warehouses. The rollers are mounted on the faces of the track without bolts; therefore, the installation of the system is fast and in case of subsequent exploitation it is easy to remove the rollers for cleaning the floors.

The pallet movement speed is influenced by the heavy weight of pallets and the steep slope of the track, as well as the long track and wooden pallets, making it necessary to control the movement speed of the goods. NEDCON has developed a unique braking roller that guarantees durability for all system components and enables controlling the movement speed of pallets of different weights. The braking roller works efficiently in both directions; therefore it can be used on push-back roller systems as wells (see the internal view of the PVC hall). The separator ensures safe removal of pallets from the shelving system; pallet lies on the track separate from other pallets and the act of removal does not damage other pallets.