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ESE offers a large variety of pallet racks in different sizes and weights for safe and efficient shelving (video: NEDCON Pallet Rack). ESE’s NEDCON pallet racks are innovative; both scientific and practical knowledge, certified materials, high quality epoxy powder paint and carefully selected components have been used in their development. When the client’s needs require a unique approach, ESE offers a tailor-made solution. A firm hook and eye fastener between the beam and the post ensures fast and efficient installation of shelves with a height adjustment step of 50 mm. The height of the fixing knot is 350 mm. This fastener can also be used for mezzanine constructions. Because of its rigidity, a reinforced hook and eye fastener is perfectly suitable for shelving systems without extra diagonal support, with a heavy load and a high structure. Hook and eye fasteners are fixed with a 10 mm stopper. ESE offers a large selection of vertical side frames and columns for building up to 30 m high shelving systems. The diagonal rods of the frame are placed in a way that an optimal buckling length could be achieved with any possible height and depth combination. Our range has 36 different types of columns, each one with a different shape, measurements and bearing capacity. All products are made of high quality steel and can be installed into cold storage warehouses. TNO has tested each fastener according to the NVN 5053 standard which complies with shelving classifications FEM 10.3.01 and FEM 9, and meets the requirements for FEM 10.2.02 and Eurocode 1.3, as well as those of the Labour Inspectorate.

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