Rack-supported warehouses

Additionally to shelving, free standing shelving systems can be used as building constructions, onto which wall and roofing materials are attached. External factors such as snow and wind loads, etc. are taken into account when making designs. There are huge opportunities for designing storage opportunities for pallets and containers of different parameters:

    Commissioning zones

    Suspended mezzanines

    Controlled indoor climate – air-conditioned climate and cold storage

This type of pallet racking is more complex than conventional systems. Due to the presence of external elements it is necessary to take the impact of wind and snow loads into account.

This type of up to 30 m high constructions allows the use of vertical profiles. The combination of cold- and hot-rolled profiles allows erecting even higher constructions and avoiding the possible deformation caused by the wind. 

Nedcon has designed an innovative, durable and very high silo construction. The Nedcon construction has practical advantages because it helps save on transportation costs and takes up little space. 

Installation costs are low due to simple connections between beams and diagonal rods. Attaching the profile of the beams to the frame’s horizontal beam ensures lower eccentricity in the joints and enables easy installation of a sprinkler system or protection against pushing through.