Safety, durability and reliability are key values in storekeeping. ESE offers modern warehouse technology systems of the highest standards that were developed by using the newest engineering solutions and safety requirements.

In case of a collision the corners and sides of a shelf block are easily damaged. Using NEDCON’s shock absorbing side frame shield ensures that even when the corner protections are damaged, the concrete floor of the warehouse shall remain intact (compulsory according to AI 14, NEN 5051 and § ZH 1/428).

It makes it easy to replace safety details with minimal interruptions to work in the warehouse. In addition, NEDCON uses two binding bolts at the foot of the column; therefore, the impact of hits and flexural damages are significantly reduced. Corner protection is suitable for the protection of any kind of corners in warehouse and industrial areas. Consult ESE engineers.

Plastic column protection

As an alternative to metallic column protection, ESE presents an innovative pallet rack safety feature – the plastic column protection. The protective shield for columns is produced from high-density polyethylene which has tough and soft polyethylene foam inside. The plastic shield takes a sharp blow, and then the softer inner part acts as a shock absorber and scatters the blow force within the entire length of the shield. The round shape of the part of the shield also facilitates deflection of the blow. The inner part as well as the outside of the column protection does not keep that deformation but instead the original shape is restored. The plastic protection is bright yellow which makes it noticeable. In order to mark passageways or escape routes we also offer red and green plastic column protections. The column protection endures cold up to -40°C; therefore, it can also be used in cold storage warehouses. It will not rust. Unlike with the traditional, metallic column protection attachable to the floor, the loss of storage space on the floor surface is virtually non-existent because the plastic column protection is only 100 mm wide and tightly around the column. Installation is fast, easy and clean – there is no need to drill holes for bolts. Make sure to check that the shelving system has a firm foot. The plastic column protection meets the security standard FEM 10.2.02. Watch the clip here