Shelves for goods

NEDCON’s shelves for goods can be characterised with fast and easy installation, large bearing capacity of shelf boards, easy ways to change the spatial distribution and opportunity to continue shelves. The shelves are stabile, safe and coated with corrosion protection paint. They are designed for use in the following areas:

Workshops and warehouses

Mezzanine warehouses



Garages and cellars

Shelves for goods are chosen according to weight and volume of a product unit. In general, the transition from shelves for goods to pallet racking is based on a specific volume of goods – 0,5m3. If there are less goods on storage than 0,5 m3 then they are stored on shelves for goods; if more, then on pallet racks.

The delivery of shelving systems is fast, which ensures operability for maintenance and system deficiency.

Documentation accompanying deliveries:

12-month manufacturer’s warranty

TNO quality certificate

Declaration of conformity

Installation instructions

Non-standard sizes and larger bearing capacity of shelf boards or sections is possible if necessary.

You can choose from a range of shelves with different configurations and low or high spacing; the selection includes multi-row shelves and sliding shelves for the storage of goods as well as archiving. The height of the system’s flat surfaces can be easily adjusted in 25 mm intervals and there is a wide range of accessories for expanding storage possibilities.

The range of vertical profiles ESE offers enables different solutions with a bearing capacity of up to 10,000 kg and height of 2 to 25 m. The bearing capacity of shelf surfaces is up to 600 kg. Shelves are produced in a wide range and variety of coatings (galvanised or wear resistant powder paint). NEDCON shelves are suitable for high, extractor controlled and mezzanine constructions.

The round-edged drawer does not reach below the shelf edge which makes material handling safe. The gorge too has round edges and can be easily fastened with plastic clips. Location markers are equipped with a transparent self-adhesive note holder which can be easily removed and replaced. Occasionally sometimes steps on the ledge of the shelf. The strong and rectangular (closed box profile) front edge increases its resistance to unexpected weight.

• Rectangular edges do not flex under pressure, they have no sharp ends, and due to well-thought profiles they are very strong and rigid.

• Double-folded 40 mm U-profile ensures the strength of the shorter edge of the shelf board.

• The shape of the front profile is specially designed for attaching magnetic markers; it is also perfect for different types of marking systems.

• Double tin in the joints of the shelf board support hooks prevents load-induced damage to the shelf board.

The unique design and construction of NEDCON shelves ensures larger bearing capacity and the shelf edges flex less than those of other shelves.

We offer the following accessories:

• Floor strips

• Front strips

• Front edges that fit into shelf board holes

• Rails for hanging wall maps

• Tyre beams

• Hanger carrier

• 100% pull out metallic drawers and dividers on telescopic rails

• Rear and side panels from different panel materials


The most common column span for shelves is 1,000 mm. The measurements of today’s plastic and carton boxes are related to pallet measurements (1,200 x 800 mm); therefore, standard storage boxes (200 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm, and 600 mm) fit perfectly on a 1250 mm shelf – the storage area will be closely filled.

Shelf spacing measurements can also be changed for goods with different lengths. The maximum length of a shelf board is 1,500 mm. When using imperforated shelf surfaces the column span may be considerably longer if necessary.

Video: NEDCON Shelving systems

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