Flow racks for goods

Flow racks for boxes/crates

Flow racks are perfect for efficient collecting of orders. Goods move on an inclined roller track from loading to unloading. There are easily accessible collection points in the collection side and each one of them has the same item in buffer. Flow racks are characterised by

• Compact collection area

• Simple and clear overview of product items

• Using the FI-FO principle

• Lack of empty collection points

The movement speed of goods is controlled by adjusting the angle of roller tracks – for this reason NEDCON has designed a fine-tunable shelf beam joint that also goes well with heavy loads. Similarly to other ESE shelving systems its construction consists of side frames and horizontal beams, which offers many different combination options. An aluminium profile is mounted on the girders of the flow racks designed for box storage; roller profiles are attached as well as track separators. These details enable installing easily readable markings. In case the goods are collected from open containers or boxes it is possible to set the shelves to the needed angle in order to get better access to the collection point. Deeper shelves are set lower.

Flow rack is the ideal solution for order-based collection of small-scale goods. Goods move on the principle of gravity on the inclined roller track.

Optimal use and ergonomics of the collection area

Large bearing capacity and strength of the NEDCON roller track

Possibility to use separators

Punctual movement speed of the goods guaranteed

Flow racks for goods can also be used in combination with the systems created for pallets.