Shelving combinations

Creating pallet storage space above order collection shelves helps make better use of storage area. In order to do that, the horizontal beams of both upper and lower shelving system beams have to have the same length. It is possible because all NEDCON systems are compatible with each other.

Example 1

Aisles between shelves are at the same time being used for the collection of orders as well as forklift operation. Inclined shelves have not been mounted. Vertically installed shelves are used and pallet storage space is created above the flow rack.

Example 2

The collection of orders and forklift operation take place in different aisles. Such solution creates the safest working environment. Inclined shelves have been installed for a more comfortable collection of orders.

Example 3

An exemplary warehouse solution where safe working environment and best fill rate are guaranteed. The work zones of compilers and forklifts are separated for safety measures. A push-back roller system is mounted above the flow rack.