Mezzanine warehouses

Mezzanine warehouse – the cheapest way to use space in a warehouse

A mezzanine warehouse is constructed from shelf floors that are on top of each other or mounted on a vertical profile with a mezzanine based on it. The floor surface is covered with either a monolithic plate or a grate surface. Plate-covered floors are more popular due to their noise reducing qualities and because it is possible to use lifting technology on them without any danger of falling dust or debris. We offer flooring tiles in different strengths (flexural strength from 10 to 22 N/mm2) and thickness (24 to 60 mm). ESE has developed a sandwich-construction for flooring tiles, which will even endure the weight of heavy electrical stackers. Flooring tiles mounted using mortise and tenon joints. They are not supported by a steel construction. The panel surface may be processed with a decorative wear resistant layer (abrasion resistant, class S1, compliant to DIN 68765-1987). In order to reflect light it is possible to use the white melamine surface as the bottom side of the panel. We have a range of components for stairs, barricades, loading gates and forklifts. Ask us for an offer!