ESE lightweight halls are efficient and economically viable solutions for large warehouses and industrial sites. The halls are made of standard components that ensure a flexible performance based on customer needs. 

PVC-coated halls on galvanised steel girders have many advantages before conventional buildings – long spans and translucent roof materials create opportunities for any economic activity. The hall makes a good terminal or a building furnished with a more sophsticated technology. Its acquisition cost is favourable, installation is fast and maintenance costs low. 

When needs change, the hall can be easily expanded or moved. PVC-halls are always a marketable commodity because they can be dismantled and resold.

We offer an amplified version of a simple PVC-coated hall in the form of a combi-hall with steel profiled walls and PVC-roofing. These buildings can be also erected onto open territories. 

If you need an energy-efficiently warm room, these lightweight halls can be insulated. Insulation meets the highest standards and its installation is fast.