Mezzanines and work platforms

The need for efficient use of storage room or production space has led to the use of multilevel constructions. These steel constructions are an ideal solution for creating one or more extra levels in the warehouse.

Bearing capacity from 300 to 1,200 kg/m²

Very long spans

Multilevel storage room

Different types of cover materials (metallic grid, steel tiles, chipboard, etc.)

We offer an economic and highly flexible system for the construction of mezzanines and work platforms. Unlike in rigid steel constructions, the floor area in mezzanine systems can be easily expanded, moved or modified to make it suitable for different product groups.

Construction components are manufactured in serial production due to the small amount of components in the system. The system components are:

• Cold-rolled Sigma-type main and supporting beams

• Special patented joints for connecting main and supporting beams

• Wide range of column profiles

• Different types of floor panels

Different combinations of key elements enable creating constructions of different heights with a bearing capacity from 300 to 1,200 kg/m2.

Nedcon’s mezzanine systems are significantly cheaper than traditional building constructions and they offer more options for the installation of stairs, forklifts and conveyers. In addition, we offer a large range of coatings. Air ducts, panel heaters and other similar systems and accessories can be easily attached to the system.

In addition, the installation gaps of the beams enable fast and efficient installation of sprinkler system pipes and electrical wires.

Mezzanine is a useful solution that meets all safety requirements.

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